Practice Areas

Our practice areas...

Wealth Management and Assets Planning

Assets Planning and Management

Identification and implementation of the most appropriate legal Instrument in order to ensure an efficient Assets Planning and Management for the Client, from an inheritance standpoint too.

The aim is to provide a functional solution for the achievement of the real purpose of the Client, taking account of the needs of tax optimisation. There are many legal intruments provided by the Italian Law that could be used to achieve the purpose, in combination with foreing instruments such as Trusts.

Our advisors are able to set up tailor-made advices in order to provide the most efficient and effective solution for any specific case.

Assets Mapping and optimizing

Our activity is aimed at optimizing the assets management and it is carried out in accordance with the needs of any Client and the quality of the assets.

The Assets Mapping makes it possible to find and solve legal and fiscal issues. Continuous monitoring eliminates the risk of depletion of the family fortune. We are able to support you in managing your business and we provide you targeted and diversified advice which add value to your operations.

We are on your side in organizing and structuring your charity projects and in providing you the best solutions for your purposes. 

Corporate and Commercial Law

Business Advisory

The advice is calibrated in accordance with the specific need of the Client and in order to make the business get the most benefit from it. The Firm handles all activities related to the constitution of companies, support to administrative bodies, fundings, corporate operation, relations between partners, delegations, governance and drafting of statutes and shareholder's agreements. We support you with the best strategies to pursue a successful debt collection.

We are able to provide you with the best solution in the case your debtor is the subject of insolvency proceedings and, where necessary, we support you within all the related procedures. 

Business and Contracts

We provide advice in order to develop national and international business. We offer solutions to issues regarding civil, commercial and corporate law. We support you in negotiating, drafting and updating commercial agreements and arbitration clauses, and we assist you with changes such as merging, divisions, contributions, transferring of a company branch and in all operations related to the share capital. We draft and review organisational models ex D.lgs. 231/2001.

The legal advice we are able to provide to you extends from national litigations to arbitration procedures and Alternative methods of Dispute Resolution.

Digital Transformation & Innovation

Digital Law

We allow you to check and solve all the legal issues about Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and digital/technological development. 

We are able to advise you on how to carry out your business in compliance with national and international regulations. We support individuals and companies - including innovative StartUp - in the creation and implementation of their business.

We support the innovation, legal and digital, and we advise you, and also your company, the best strategies to ensure efficiency and compliance.

Digital Wealth Management 

We are very attentive  to details in order to ensure an efficient digital assets planning and management, from an inheritance standpoint too. 

Thanks to our significant knowledge and experience in these matters, we are able to map possible risk and to advise you the best way to avoid occurrence of legal and fiscal issues with could make trouble.   

We are active in these matters and we work hard in order to address the problems arising from technological development.